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Thread: NOL Trail mix

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    NOL Trail mix

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    I was ordering up some nuts via NUTS ONLINE and decided to make a stab at a primal blend trail mix. The Espresso beans are my indulgence otherwise I am excited to give it a try.
    Anyone else have one to share?

    Custom Trail Mix:
    1 x Cashew Pieces,
    1 x Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans,
    1 x Organic Cranberries,
    1 x Diced Coconut,
    1 x Walnut Pieces,
    1 x Sliced Almonds
    5 Pound Bag

    If you have not used Nuts Online you should!!!
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    I haven't used nuts online, but in the past I've made a trailmix of macadamias, almonds, dried figs (diced), dried cranberries, and some dark chocolate chips. It was yummy!

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