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Thread: Primal Journal - Solldara

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    Primal Journal - Solldara

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    I thought I'd keep this to give a record of how I'm doing, so here goes

    Firstly a bit of background.

    I've always had a problem with weight, having a serious sweet tooth and a fad dieting overweight mother has meant that diet and nutrition have been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember even though with hindsight my "problem" was only ever a couple of stone until a few years ago. I've read all the books, tried most of the diets - generally not past the first week, and dreamed of being slim and healthy with no effort. The only times that I've actually managed this state was when I lived alone and just ate what I fancied, when I fancied in between working crazy hours.

    Fast forward to 41, having been happily married for 10 years the weight has gradually crept on so I was about 3st heavier than I would have liked, but I'm happy and going to get round to doing something about it any day now - when I start having some serious gastro problems.

    Before this I'd suffered with acid reflux, backache, general aches and pains which I blamed on the excess weight and bad diet, but suddenly I was up most nights with pain and food going straight through me as well as various other symptoms. Going to the doctor for the first time in five years resulted in a blood test and a bit of a poke about - after a week of hearing nothing I rang the doctor to find out that there was no need to see the doctor as I was "fine". As this being "fine" had had me up all night for 5 of the previous 7 nights I insisted on seeing the doctor, who basically reiterated that the blood tests were fine so it was probably IBS.

    As I said I've been obsessed with diet and nutrition from a very young age - so whilst I generally ignored all of it and carried on with the traditional lousy western diet I was convinced that this was not the case as I'd already tried eliminating most foods associated with IBS with no result.

    I insisted on seeing a consultant, which took 3 months and he sent me for tests which were 3 months away - all this time I was getting weaker but my stomach was getting larger. Eventually they had to admit me to hospital as I was constantly vomiting blood whilst looking 11 months pregnant. Once the medical professionals started to actually listen and stopped trying to tell me there was no problem everything went very quickly and I'm relieved to say that the malignant ovarian cancer was found to have been surrounded by the borderline variety so once they had removed the entire area I was all sorted, just having to cope with a sudden menopause.

    Which would have been great as I was back to my ideal weight and everything seemed to be rosy - except that I'd lost most of my muscle tone and I was craving chocolate and peanut butter as if it was going out of fashion, and my husband bless his heart was determined to fatten me up so I didn't look so ill.

    So I went on an 18 month sugar binge which has brought me here. My cravings were completely out of control to the point that I was almost shovelling chocolate bars into my mouth after eating a perfectly good evening meal - during this 18 months I've had periods of clarity when I've tried CW eating - didn't work, Weightwatchers - didn't work as it was too liberal. I did great until I started using my points on acceptable things like Quavers and WW cakes - then suddenly I was binging again. I also tried the Dukan Diet which is basically a low fat version of Atkins - did great for the next 10 days but couldn't bring myself to do it again as it was too restrictive for long term imo.

    What these diets have shown me is that for me refined sugar is as bad as nicotine - I stopped smoking for good about 5 years ago after smoking 40-50 a day for 20 years and have never looked back or had any problems since but the time before I actually stopped, I stopped for 3 months - again it was easy I was quite happy not smoking but one day I had one of those "twitchy" day - I was bored, didn't really know what I wanted but fancied something - so I had a cigarette off a friend of mine who smoked. The result was amazing - I hated the taste, it made me feel dizzy and sick and I put it out after a few puffs - but within 30 mins I lit it again and finished it. And the cravings started - before I smoked the damn thing I had been happily off cigarettes for 3 months, after smoking one I was craving them worst than in the first few days of initially stopping and within a couple of days I was back to a 50 a day habit. Even though I knew I could happily manage without cigarettes it took me 18 months to mentally get back to the place where I was so sick of wasting money and being an addict that I actually stopped for good.

    So that's my where I am now - mentally I sick of putting on weight uncontrollably, I'm sick of eating carrier bags full of junk rather than the odd bar, and I'm terrified of the amount of weight that I've put on in 18 months which if I continue at this rate will have me dead in a very short time and unable to move at all within about 2 years as I'll be well over 20 stone if I carry on like this. I'm already heavier than I have ever been in my life, but am still slim enough to be able to buy clothes easily and do exercise if I wish to.

    Week 1:

    Its been great and my husband has agreed to do it with me and is enjoying it as well.

    Basic Menu:

    9.30ish - 2 Egg Omelette with Loads of Peppers, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes

    Throughout the day - Cold Roast Meat from night before, Chicken, Prawns, Corned Beef etc

    6.30ish - Roast Joint with all or some of - Roast Vegetables (Parships, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Mushrooms, Onions, Shallots (Chunked and Roasted at 190 DegC for 40-45 mins with a little Olive Oil), or boiled Cauliflower and Brocoli, or Salad

    Drinks Water or Herbal Teas

    Weekly Treat: Fruit - I'm limiting this at the moment as the sugar can set me off but as I loose the weight I'll be putting more fruit in my diet.

    First week Results:

    Me: 10 lb lost - definitely water weight but just shows how much grains, sugar and dairy cause me to bloat.

    Husband: 1 lb lost - but he has friends visiting so he's been hitting the red wine every night "to be sociable" so any loss at all is good.

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    You're off to a great start. Welcome!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    Week 2

    Thanks for the welcome

    Well I've stuck to Primal foods as that's going really well and its easy to arrange round work and general life.

    I've also started to add some more exercise so I'm swimming most days now.

    I did go a bit overboard with the 85% Chocolate and Strawberries eating 3 x 100g Bars of Chocolate and 3 x 400g of Strawberries so I'm going to limit that a bit more this week. The key problem was that Morrisons sold both G&B and Lintz ? Chocolate so of course I had to buy both bars so I could make a valid choice on which I preferred - that decision led to me eating 2 bars of chocolate and 2 tubs of strawberries in 2 days so I'm not buying extra again. The verdict btw was Green & Black chocolate - far nicer and creamier imo.

    Anyway after losing 10lb the first week and eating so much chocolate and fruit I wasn't expecting to loose anything this week so I'm really pleased with my 1lb loss.

    Total for 2 weeks: 11lb

    My husband has decided to give up smoking as well and still managed to lose 1lb even though he's still drinking Red wine and eating lots of fruit so he's happy as he doesn't feel like he's actually on a diet.

    Verdict so far: I see this now as our eating style forever as we are both happy eating this way and I think it'll be far healthier for us - I'm not in a great rush to lose the weight as I know it will go over time and the most important thing for me is that I've finally broken free of the craving-binge cycle that I've been in for the last 18 months. I also feel far less stressed, part of that is that I actually feel back in control of my own eating and part is that I'm not constantly having sugar highs and lows.

    Re common primal questions - I can't say that my energy is great yet, but I am carrying round a lot of excess weight with no muscle to speak of so that's not really a surprise and I had no energy before starting this so its certainly no worse. Toilet wise I seem to produce far far less waste than I ever used to - but what there is regular so I'm not stressed about that either now as it just seems to be the way it is.

    Aim for next week is to add in a bit of strength training and walk the dogs more so till then
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    Great couple weeks, good job!
    I'm eager to read your Week 3 report soon

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    Week 3 Report now in

    Well so much for all my good intentions - I did get as far as watching the youtube vids for the primal exercises, and I've nearly got a chin up bar made so progress is happening but very slowly as I didn't actually get any weight training or dog walking done

    I did swim most days and I'm definitely getting stronger so that's a plus.

    My good intentions regarding the chocolate and strawberries went to the dogs as well (3 lots of each) so this week I'm definitely going to limit it at 2 bars and 2 tubs of each. The theory is that as I now go shopping twice a week for fresh food I get myself a bar of chocolate and a punnet of strawberries and my husband a bottle of wine and a bag of apples - that way we both get treats twice a week but once there are gone we don't get any more till the next shop (3 or 4 days away). Turns out the Morrisons also do a 85% bar which is half the price so of course I had to test it. For the record its actually very nice and my second choice but Green and Blacks still slightly has the edge in as its Organic.

    Oh yep did have a total cheat which was a chinese Takeaway which I won't be doing again as I didn't really enjoy it - happy to stay Primal atm but not going to beat myself up over a lazy moment (too late to cook an easy prep meal and couldn't be bothered to make the effort to cook the planned quick cook meal for the first time)

    Regarding the quick cook meal, we actually had that the next night and it was great - my husband went from I'M NOT EATING THAT when I told him what was for tea to emptying his plate and saying he'd look forward to having it again.

    The meal was chicken and mushroom green curry with cauliflower rice - very quick as you can buy a green curry paste with no gluton or additives (be careful most have loads of added non primal ingredients) and you just stirfry some chicken, mushrooms with the paste and a tin of coconut milk.
    For the "rice" - I grated/finely chopped onions and mushrooms and gently fried them - then added the grated cauliflower and swished it round then let it stand off the heat for a few minutes. This way the cauliflower was still part cooked so had texture but had taken on the flavour of the onions and mushrooms - really great.

    Anyway that sums up my week - feeling great and I'm quite happy with the meals - just starting to experiment a bit more now.

    Results: We both lost 2lb this week which I'm very happy with.

    Total for 3 weeks for me: 13lb.

    Till next week

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    Week 4

    Wow the time seems to be going really really fast.

    Regarding the chocolate and strawberries - what the hell, I'm happy and still losing weight on 3 of each so why fight it

    I did do better with the walking this week so the dogs are happy as I'm now walking with them 30 minutes every morning and I also seem to have found the best routine for me which is dog walking in the morning to give them some attention and swimming to relax after the day with my DH before tea.

    Energy levels are up as well so I'm really happy as I feel far more positive and "can do" which is having a good effect on other areas of my life.

    Weight loss for the week: 3lb

    Total Weight Loss for 4 Weeks: 16lb

    So for me things are great - I actually tried Chilli in place of Curry this week again with the cauliflower rice which turned out as a total hit and I'm now doing all the cooking which is OK by me as the kitchen stays tidier and I can plan the meals better so we don't get the wastage which has reduced the food bills. Before this my DH did a lot of the cooking as he was into fried and processed foods far more, which at the time was really nice but in hindsight made my "can't be bothered cos I'm stuck in a rut" feeling even worse.

    Only slight negative is that my DH has only lost 4lb in the last 4 weeks - he says its OK and I know that he's happy with the meals and this lifestyle as he actually said my version of his belly pork was tastier than when he cooked it - which made my day as I was really worried he wouldn't like his favorite meal if I cooked it.

    I think the problem is that he's not eating enough so over the next couple of weeks or so I'm going to try organising his other meals as well as the evening ones and see if that helps. He still smokes and still believes if he doesn't eat all day he will loss weight wheres I tend to just eat when I'm hungry and leave food on the plate if I'm not - so I actually eat more than he does atm. We both have a fair amount to loose, and are both doing stuff outside so we're getting exercise dog walking, swimming etc so in theory he should be losing more than me.

    Anyway - till next week

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    Two whole bags of apples a week might be holding hubby back. You sound British, so I don't know for sure what quantities you are talking about, but a bag of apples here (Canada) is generally 4 lbs (2 kg) and consists of about a dozen apples, each at 75-100 cals of sugar. Could he consider restricting himself to 1 apple a day for a week and see what results?

    Great work on both your parts! Loved reading your weekly updates.

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    Thanks - yep British

    I thought the same re the apples so I didn't buy him any yesterday - I bought extra strawberries but as they are overripe I'm eating more of them than I planned myself so they don't go to waste

    It turns out he hasn't been eating all the apples so he actually has a load left anyway - but to be on the safe side I'm going to suggest he switches to berries for a while and I've brought some frozen which will be the way ahead I think, as extra strawberries was definately a bad idea..

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    Week 5

    Had a really yukky week RL wise this week - nothing to do with eating, but its had the knock on effect of knocking my enthusiasm for getting out of bed to face the day. So last weeks get up and go has been hiding under the duvet this week and the dogs haven't got walked (not a major as they have acres to run round in all day and get an exhausting workout each evening ball fetching with my DH). All the same I've been letting my good intentions and new routine slide so the alarm clock is coming back into the bedroom after today - (Wednesday is my day off).

    On the good side I've still been swimming every evening and have happily stuck to primal foods. Sausage and Tomato Chilli has been added to the menu but I think I prefer using mince so the sausages will probably end up with bacon and eggs in future.

    Weight loss for the week: 1lb

    Total Weight Loss for 5 Weeks: 17lb

    Weight wise its helped having fewer apples as DH has lost 3lb this week so he's really chuffed.

    Weeks Menu's

    Cold Meats Left Over from Evening Meals, Cooked Prawns, Roast Chicken, Boiled Eggs with Salad Veg of Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers, Lettuce.
    85% Chocolate x 350g and Stawberries x 1200g

    Evening Meals
    Wed - Roast Gammon and Roast Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and Mushrooms.
    Thurs - Green Thia Chicken with Cauliflower Rice (Cauliflower Rice is Grated Cauliflower with fried grated Onion and Green Peppers)
    Fri - Green Thia Chicken with Cauliflower Rice (Made far too much so we had it again)
    Sat - Roast Chicken Salad
    Sun - Roast Pork with Roast Carrots, Onions and Mushrooms
    Mon - Roast Lamb with Broccoli and Cauliflower
    Tues - Sausage and Tomato Chilli with Cauliflower Rice

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    Week 6

    Much better week this week diet and exercise wise - after only losing 1lb last week I decided to get my act together dog walking wise and so I've walked for 30 mins every morning and swam for 30 mins every evening. Still haven't got started on the weight training side but I have now got a chin-up bar which is mocking me every time I go past it. Plan is to do next week with the swimming and walking then progress to adding in the weights the following week ie Week 8.

    Food wise no problems and no cheats - we're now into a routine of roasts, curries and cold meats but I have upped my tinned salmon consumption as I wanted to increase my calcium intake. Still eating lots of chocolate and strawberries.

    Weight loss for the week: 4lb

    Total Weight Loss for 6 Weeks: 21lb

    DH has lost 1lb this week so he's still losing but would have preferred a higher loss - I'm blaming the wine but he'd rather drink and lose it slowly than give the wine up so at least he's losing not gaining weight.

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