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    I love bacon, but only eat meat I consider to be "ethically farmed" so I buy in bulk from a free range farm. check them out on Havoc Pork : Once you've tasted Havoc Pork you'll know the difference.
    I've never tasted bacon as good as this anywhere in the world! Happy pigs are yummy pigs I guess!

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    I don't eat a lot of it either, but I enjoy it every now and then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post
    Two fried eggs over easy and three strips of bacon for breakfast. YUM.

    According to Cronometer three strips of pan fried bacon has 1 gm sat fat, 1.4 mono, and 0.3 gm omega-6, plus 192 mg sodium, so yeah it is salty. I always use paper towels to pull as much fat out as I can and even pull off fatty sections, because I don't really want the PUFAs either.

    I love bacon but I think I am reasonable about it.
    If there's only 0.3g in 3 strips, that's a pretty minimal amount of omega 6. Don't strip off the fat! Nuts, olive oil, poultry and other sources will give you way more omega 6 than that.

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    I get the lower sodium variety, but I don't really care about the salt content anyway, my blood pressure is 115/70 on most days (I test every other week).

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    I LOVE bacon... but I only eat the really good stuff. Boar bacon made by my butcher. It's PERFECT.

    Now, because I only eat the best bacon, and it's sort of a limited supply (and/or very expensive to get more when not buying a whole pig) I only eat it very occasionally- like every 2 months or so. It's a wonderful, delicious treat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
    I like to cut the raw bacon up into lardons (matchstick slices) and pan fry until desired crispness. Save the grease for bacon mayo, salad dressing, cooking mushrooms... etc. Use the bacon hot, warm, or throw it in the fridge for future use.
    i do this too...though my slices are at least half of an inch wide.

    i don't eat a lot of bacon. i'll cook up a lot of it every once in a while just to get the bacon fat, then keep those bacon bits stashed in my fridge just to add a little flavor to something like a salad, scrambled eggs, sauteed veggies, etc.

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    Well, considering I've got 3 thick slabs of it frying right now, I would probably have to say that I do eat more bacon than you

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    I was just thinking about eating MOAR bacon.

    Keeps me from eating milkshakes.

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    I rarely eat it. Not even 1 lb a month. I cook it when I need bacon fat and that is about it. Bacon seems to be worshiped here so many people don't think twice about it but my personal feeling is that it should be limited. Same way I feel about fat overall. I think the "good fat" message has been taken way out of context in both primal and paleo.

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    Bow down. Bow down, and worship at the Altar of Bacon unbelievers!

    Swift and terrible judgement shall befall all infidels!

    There is no god but Bacon, and I am his prophet!

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