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Thread: New and feeling so tired...

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    New and feeling so tired...

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    So I started eating primal by eliminating grains from my diet about 4 days ago. I felt pretty good the first 2 days, however the last two days have me feeling very tired with low energy. Anyone know why or what I can do about it? I have been eating fruit, so I know it isn't just a lack of glucose in the bloodstream.

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    I found that eliminating grains helped increase my energy (no more carb crash). Good healthy protein shakes help, a lot. I wonder if your fatigue is related to something else? Caffeine?

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    Depending on your carb intake (how much fruit?) you could be suffering from the carb flu. It will go away once your body adjusts to the new diet. Could be a day or two, could be a week or two, you just need to be patient. Don't give up, it's totally worth it.
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    Everyone is different. Some people report that they have more energy immediately upon quitting grains. Others, like me, went through a period of fatigue at the beginning. Here is my thread - I seriously considered giving up because it was unbearable long-term. But it passed after a few weeks and now I have more energy than before. Not much more but I think there has been an improvement.

    I hope this helps.

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