I mean Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition:

Amazon.com: Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, Second Edition (9780982021309): Ramiel Nagel, D.D.S. Timothy Gallagher: Books

My copy just arrived. Has anyone else read this and got any thoughts?

I haven't really touched it yet. I've just flicked through.

There's probably far more interesting stuff in there, but I was interested to see that he says the Loetschental Valley Swiss actually removed most of the bran and germ from their rye flour.

So, if he's right (and I bet he is) not what Price had thought. It's seems to me that the text of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration sometimes indicates a kind of quasi-religious attitude towards Nature (and, I guess, its "author"). I'm not knocking that at all—just saying that it seems to be the case. So I think Price is inclined to conclude that food in its most "natural" state must be best—just as its left Nature's hands. I think sometimes he was inclined to think that was always what he was seeing with his "healthy primitives" even when sometimes much more was going on.

I knew the Swiss were sourdough fermenting their bread—in fact, you must with rye, because yeast won't raise it. But I did not know they were removing most of the bran. According to Nagel, their bread after baking was aged for a really lengthy time, too. In Price's time, he says they baked once a month. Rather further back in time Nagel says the Swiss baked once a year—and hung the bread on the wall to age for months.

Anything else in the book that interested anyone?