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    Is my salad big enough?

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    Hey all,
    Well, I've started eating salads for lunch and I've been wondering if my salad is big enough. I figure if I'm full and satisfied after eating I'm doing fine, but I was wondering how big or small other people make their salads. I usually grab two or three hand fulls of lettuce, romaine typically, then a couple pinches of peppers, onions, carrots, dried blueberries/pomegranate, broccoli, then some chicken, and then douse it in dressing. I keep it in a large glade storage container for easy transport and that's pretty much it.

    Again, I'm full so I figure that's the good thing about the size, but It still makes me wonder if its enough.

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    Not so much the size as the content. I would question if you could do without the carrots , blueberries and pomegranate. Some nice bacon and/or egg instead... maybe even a little cheese Mmmmmm...

    Also, depending on your dressing, the "douse" might be a little liberal. Might want to keep the dressing on the side, and use it for dipping. Should keep the salad crisper too.

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    as long as it's satisfying you, it looks good to me. i find a little variety is good once in a while, but the size sounds pretty good. my salads vary from salad bowl sized to large mixing bowl sized depending on how hungry i am or what i've got laying around in the fridge.

    dousing in the dressing primal? no vegetable or soybean oil?

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    Bacon cured with sugar???

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    My BAS today had 4 or 5 oz of cold roast beef, two cups of mixed spring greens, a diced avocado, a huge strawberry, and olive/oil balsamic dressing. I normally only have half an avocado, but I missed breakfast today so threw the whole thing in.
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    My only real requirements in a salad are 2 good fistfulls of baby spinach and at least 4 oz of animal protein along with a good helping of sliced or diced vegetables, occasionally some berries if it's that kind of salad, and maybe a sprinkle of seeds or nuts.

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    You say you are satisfied with your salad, but how long are you satisfied for? That should detrimine if it's big or loaded enough.
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    Grok and Grokina didn't eat "salad." You don't have to either, although I love the stuff and will eat lots now that it is warming up. When their bodies needed the stuff we put in salads, they tracked it down. Let your body be your guide.
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    Negative comments about salad. To what is this place coming?

    My daily salad comprises some canned fish, a handful or two of baby spinach, diced roast vegetables (chosen from sweet potato, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, even potato), some other fresh vegetables (tomato, capsicum, avocado, ...), sauerkraut or kimchi and whatever other leftover vegies might be in the fridge, drenched generously in olive oil

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    The only requirement of your salad is what satisfies your appetite. Keep your ingredients clean. That's the only rule. Really. You are in charge here.
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