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    Quote Originally Posted by EvansMom View Post
    My husband takes it with no problems. Yet here I am, a zombie w/major anxiety issues.

    Has anyone tried magnesium oil (mg chloride) or mg chloride bath soaks instead?

    I have heard such good things about magnesium, and although I eat a good diet I have other lingering issues that I think would be improved with magnesium possibly.....

    Does anyone take a split dose during the day? Or just a whole dose at night?
    I agree with the salts idea, for absorbtion - Epsom salts are great

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    I was having sporadic muscle twitching and could not identify the cause. After some online research, I decided to try supplementing with magnesium. I bought the basic 500mg from GNC (I'm not even sure what type of magnesium it is) and take 1 pill every morning. The twitching has seemed to completely resolve. Perhaps placebo effect but its working so I'll continue to take it. It's the only supplement/pill/vitamin I take.

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