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Thread: Missing Teeth ?

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    Missing Teeth ?

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    Thanks for your overwhelming responses on my last thread it really has helped me launch into being primal!

    I have one concern that is related to being primal, I have 2 missing front teeth and soon i'll have to have 2 more out that are decayed. Ever since removing sugar from my diet my teeth have gotten stronger but I'll have to have the other two removed and I'll have to get what is known as fake teeth on a gum palette. Will I still be able to eat very primal with these fake teeth? Will it affect my health in any way?

    Thanks guys.

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    What do you mean by "front teeth"? Incisors? What are the other two teeth about to go missing? The "front teeth" (Incisors) are used for cutting food, the back teeth (premolars or bicuspids and molars) are used for chewing. So if you keep your premolars and molars you still can chew almost everything after being cut with a knife

    The type of prosthesis used influences the quality of your future chewing. It's always better a fixed bridge than a removable one but it depends a lot on the case and the patient.

    You removed sugar from your diet so there may be no more loss of enamel due to acid/bacteria action, but where there are small cavities, the dentin is already exposed and other types of bacteria can "digest" dentin even in absence of sugars. So the damage already done by your past diet, can still go on if not treated.

    Hope it helps.


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    im missing a tooth in the back of my mouth...its like wisom tooth, tooth, no tooth, then my front teeth...thank God you cant see it but we were poor when i was growing up and yoinking it was cheaper than surgery lol

    it did straighten my front teeth out though

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    You'll be fine. My husband has a partial permanent bridge & has no problems with Primal foods.

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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this question. I have some missing molars that make it more difficult for me to chew meat. A meal consisting of mainly meat and vegetables would probably take me 1-2 hours to eat, and I often don't have that time to spare.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare meat so that it's easy for edentulous people like me to eat? Thank you!

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