Im trying to approach the low activity days and sprint days with martial art training. On my sprint days I do my forms at high speeds with short breaks. On my fun days I will just practice or go on long walks at a nearby park.

Sadly my boyfriend thinks all this primal lifestyle stuff is me being gullible. He is practicing martial arts with me, but it sounds like he is starting to go towards the more chronic cardio route. He is convinced Im just being lazy and wouldn't see any real results through weekly sprints and low impact practice. He also thinks people just don't work out enough and that is why they are fat, and not because of their carby diets. : (

I atleast managed to convince him to stick to mostly high fats and he agreed only to eat rice and homemade bread on workout days...but still...Luckily for me (and him) we are living together and the fact that I am extremely sensitive to gluten and grains would keep him away from most breads.