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Thread: Primal Sweet Potato Recipes?

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    Thank you guys sooo much! It'll take me a good few weeks--maybe months--to try out all these recipes without going over my 'potato allowance' but all of them sound DELICIOUS!

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    Mashed with butter and Thia kitchen full fat S & P mix just like you would potatoes.... I like to peel and boil, drain water,put back on stove on low to dry them out a little stirring and mashing as they dry out, mix in coconut milk and butter. serve

    special fancy- do mashed as above then dump in glass dish

    topping- about 4 TBLS of each >grated coconut, ( cheese grater) hard butter,pecans,walnuts, 1 Tsp honey or stevia to taste I do this in the food processer crumble and bake 350 tell crunchy on top
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    Cut in wedges and place in a bowl. Cover with olive oil, a lot of paprika and salt to taste, mix well. Place in a baking sheet for 15-20 mins. Awesomeness!!! Try dunkin' them in almond butter....

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    Quote Originally Posted by redtoycar View Post
    For oven baked sweet potato chips, or sweet potato fries, we like this dipping sauce:

    2 parts yogurt
    1 part mayo (you can use Primal mayo of course)
    add the following to taste:
    fresh grated ginger
    cayenne pepper
    curry powder

    It's soooooo good!
    I do something similar except for seasoning I add a squeeze of lemon and horseradish to taste. For the chips/fries I melt some bacon drippings and toss them in it with garlic powder. Yummmmm.

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    I microwave them all the time. 10 min might be too long. I just rinse and place them in a bowl and i put a loose top on the bowl and microwave for about 8 min. Only sometime do they need more time. For me, this method is preferable to making sweet potato hash and possibly even cutting into slice, adding oil, and baking (i need to try baking them again). But its simple and they are never too dry.

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    Once cooked I'll whip them w/ eggs, butter and spices and bake for 30-40 minutes in a covered baking dish. Not sure what you'd call it, add cheese it'd be a gratinee.
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    Cut, boil, drain, mash, coconut milk and cinnamon, stir stir stir, enjoy.
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    I make tortillas out of sweet potatoes; it's easy, fast and really practical. You'll need: one large sweet potato, two eggs, small onion, 4 tbsp evoo, 6 whole black peppercorns (crushed with chef's knife), two dashes salt, 1/4 tsp whole fennel (alts: whole caraway or rosemary). Optional: add smoked bacon or sausage.

    1. Dice sweet potato, and saute on medium fire in crepe pan or saute pan with 2 tbsp evoo. Add fennel on top, don't stir. As it starts to cook, mince onion and add on top. Cover the pan, reduce fire to low. Cook time depends on how small you dice, smaller is faster. If you use meat, mince it and start cooking on medium fire while you mince the sweet potato. I use rosemary and TJ's smoked bacon.
    2. When it's cooking, crack 2 eggs in a small bowl, crush the pepper and add it and the salt to the eggs. Beat well.
    3. Remove cover from saute pan, stir the potato and onion and check doneness. It should just yield to a fork, and you'll note the changed color. If needed, recover and cook until it's done. To reduce cook time, I try to get it the first time.
    4. Add potato to egg mixture, reheat pan on medium fire, and stir. When you smell the pan (it'll start smoking a bit)*, add 2 tbsp evoo and the egg mixture right after and reduce the fire to low.
    5. The egg mixture will brown in about 5 minutes, check with spatula. When it's light brown, turn on the broiler. When it's fired up, finish the tortilla under the broiler (4 minutes).
    Voilą! You now have a delicious, portable meal that's great for heavy workout days, or lunches. It doesn't need refrigeration, either, so this is often on my menu. Enjoy!
    * General note: there's a chinese saying I learned wokking that's applicable everywhere: "hot pan, cool oil." If you follow this practice, you'll never have sticky pan issues.
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    My favored method of cooking sweet potatoes is to cut them in half, put them down on a baking sheet, preferably lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Then bake at 375 for 45 minutes or so. Test with a fork to see if they're done. Then you can scoop them out and do anything you like with them. Delicious.
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    I too have done PrimalJenn's recipe...delicious and easy.

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