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    The nut fast begins today and will end after a month, and by then hopefully all of us are over our nut addiction. The only rule:

    - No snacking on nuts or nut butter

    Nuts in really small amounts in salads or stirfries or other dishes are ok.

    Feel free to share your experience here. Do tell us how you were able to combat the munchies. If you find any new information on nuts that you want others to know, this is the thread. Good luck to all of us.

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    I'm in.

    My biggest issue is eating a whole bunch right before I go to bed. BAH!

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    Being on a nut fast last week really helped. A few times last week I had fruit cravings, and I'd been satisfying the urge with almonds, but during the fast it was just NO! no fruit no almonds, just have a cup of hot tea. Made it through the week with no nuts, but we had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and I made two batches of stuffing -- one with bread crumbs, one without -- but both batches had cashews. So, I guess I ate about ten cashews in my helping of no-bread stuffing, but hopefully that doesn't count too badly as those were the only nuts for the week and they were in a meal, right? I'm in for this week, too.

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    Bring it on. I was very close to buying almonds to roast last week, but thought of my committment to the forum's nut fast. Go accountability!

    Ive also been substituting the fat with coconut oil and bacon, which is more satisfying. Nuts always only gave me more munchies before anyways.

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    My last day then was today becuase I just ate some salted peanuts and then had a minor binge, how naughty of me. so lets go, this is going to be difficult theres always nuts in my house and I cant get rid of them becuase there not mine.

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