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Thread: Willing to try anything......

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    Willing to try anything......

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    i'm going to give this ago, i haven't finished the book yet...
    but there is so much of it so far that rings true for me,
    I've been or had been running since i was 14, many many 100 miles weeks
    now, lots and lots of pain most days too many surgeries need more surgeries....

    i live on aspirin which i'd like to change
    My Mom got kidney cancer last year shes 71, and all things point to
    10 years of i'm willing to find away around pain
    PB sounds like it should help

    i still walk 4 to 8 miles daily i'd like to do less of it but, it helps keep my weight down
    never lose but down

    food wise today was 1/2 decent
    2 eggs
    1 piece of cinnamon FT -i guess thats out now
    mini clif bar
    6oz chicken
    spinach and tomato salad with vineger
    walked 6 miles
    +16,000 steps (i love my fitbit)

    I'm 48 and feel old
    i'm starting my life over
    left my relationship-
    my son is 22 and moved out on his own
    so here i am whats next?
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    Good for you! The hardest part is starting, but once you gain momentum you will start roaring! It sounds like you are off to a good start. Try to cut down your carbs some more if you want to lose weight. Also, be careful that you don't exhaust your body. As your body transitions from using glucose as its primary fuel source to using fat as its primary fuel source, walking and moving as much as you do every day might make you feel really run down. Once your body makes the transition though, you will feel better than ever!

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    Thank You Shamra,
    I had breakfast before i discovered the book I was thinking i should drop back down to 2 miles for a week or two to see how i settle in.
    I love your blog!! i'm ready to be a girl on a mission!

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    Hi Sydney,

    I'm 48 as well... turn 49 on Thursday!

    I started the PB plan in March, and have dropped from 176 lbs to 159 and I feel great. I walk 1.3 miles a day on my lunch break, do 20 min. daily on a recumbent bike, and throw in a few bodyweight or dumbbell exercises when I remember

    You can see success mainly from just changing your eating patterns on the PB. Good luck to you!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    Good luck Sydney. Don't stop walking, it's good for you.

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    Start by eliminating grains from your diet. If you take away NOTHING ELSE from the book, drop the grains. I won't be surprised to see it help tremendously with all the issues you wish to tackle. I'd also go ahead and get rid of most simple sugars and all high fructose corn syrup you can. If you shop and eat on that basis you'll be amazed at how much actual food you take home from the store and how few boxes of "foodstuffs".

    Good luck!
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    It looks like you are on the right track! Keep up the walking for sure... and add hills or steps if you can. I would slowly try to wean yourself off of the FT/OJ/banana/clifbar when you can and replace them with more veggies and meat.

    I see you used to run. Are you still able to now?


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    Willing to try anything eh?

    Lamb Face Salad Ozersky.TV

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    I'm 47, and this is the best thing I've ever done for myself.

    You'll probably find it easiest if you drop those big sugar-spike sources (OJ, banana) and make sure your salad has olive oil not just vinegar so you're getting the satiating fat....before you know it, you'll be posting on the forum your concern that you're simply not hungry any more

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    lamb face ?? YIKES maybe not ready for that :laugh:

    I read more through the night... so far here's what i get!
    can't believe i ate whole eggs for breakfast instead of just whites!
    i did 20' on the ET at 15-18 resistance instead of 40' to an 60 at less than 5 resistance
    (i hope that *sprint once in a while* means that ever 10' or so sprint on it for 1'..right?)

    i'm off to Gelson's to but better food options!
    i live with others that totally do not prescribe to any off other words tons of crap!
    (i did notice a 10pound yes, 10 pound bag of Nestle chocolate chips in the pantry? they don't even make cookies? )

    free range, roast beef slices, green peppers spinach and avocados,tomatoes some smoked tuna
    maybe some raw almonds for lunch and snacks

    dinner protein wise will be easy although we eat alot of chicken at this point not going to worry about that part
    till i prove myself the people i eat with are big pasta,rice, bread and butter types too that part i will ahve to just ignore

    who knows maybe it will catch on????

    PS any thoughts on coconut water i drink it everyday, all natural from a good source but, it does have 11 sugars...

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