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    I went through bootcamp 14 years ago (holy shit, is that right?). We had no choice of what to eat. You stood in line, got what you got, and had about 5 minutes to woof it down.

    You will be under enough stress while you are there to worry about eating primal. If you have serious issues with grains, don't go. I'm serious. With the "Grade D Not for Human Consumption" food they serve in the military, you will not avoid gluten, fillers and other poison.

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    Wow this post couldn't have come at a better time. I just finished my applications for the Canadian Forces as well and was pondering the same thing. Good luck to you!

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    I went through Marine OCS about 35 years ago and ate everything they put on my tray. I don't recall having much of a choice of what to eat, though if I had it to do over again....well, I wouldn't do it. lol. but if I somehow had to do it, the only thing I would differently would be to skip the desserts, especially ice cream.

    To echo several earlier comments, you will be kept so physically active and overall stressed that your body will burn off everything you eat. So, while in boot camp, eat as much as you can. After those 3 months, you can go back to primal.

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    I entered the Naval Academy in July '99. I don't think Primal/Paleo even existed back then - it was all Atkins and South Beach. Regardless, it was 100+ degrees outside and humid as all hell on the shores of the Chesapeake. We had 20-30 minutes to ingest as much food as humanly possible - while making sure to take small enough bites to only have to chew 3 times before swallowing. I lost a ton of weight that summer - probably 20-30 lbs and was burning through 3-4,000 calories per day, or so they told us.

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    Be aware that after eating primally you may briefly gain weight at the start (I did) This will however quickly be either turned into muscle or will just waste off. Through my reserves out of the field I was able to eat primally, and generally burnt of the ratpacks (MREs), but in my regular training pretty much ignored primal living during term time. However, if you can, eat primally on leave to clear the system a bit (something I failed to do)

    Good luck,


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