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Thread: Apple Juice Infused

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    Apple Juice Infused

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    Whole Foods sells dried cranberries either sweetened with sugar, or "Apple Juice Infused" (actually apple juice concentrate, according to the ingredients).

    Are the latter notably different than the former in terms of sugar content or glycemic load? Or is this yet another clever way to disguise a pile of sugar as "healthy"?

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    The glycemic load may be lower on the apple juice concentrate due to the increased fructose. That's the really sweet component of sugar. However, the fructose is what is hard on your liver. The fiber in the cranberries might help that a bit, I suppose. But really, I think we're likely talking about pretty fine distinctions. The apple juice isn't going to make them particularly better for you. I'd tell you to get unsweetened but I know I've never found any.

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