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Thread: Lamb Tongue

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    Lamb Tongue

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    Any cooking tips? I can only find tips on this forum about beef tongue.

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    (Creep confession: I love all sorts of odd meats and organs.)

    Lamb's tongue is one my favorites, especially braised in a dry white wine, sliced thinly with various pickled veggies (and kim chi....mmmmmmm). It's snacky finger food. REALLY good with smoked baba ganoush.

    Tongues, Turnips, and Bacon is a fantastic recipe as well, one of my go-tos even before I was primal.

    If you like Thai food, I'll often throw in a couple lamb's tongues into Tom Kha Gai (which would no longer be Tom Kha Gai, but I don't know the thai word for 'lamb') and also Tom Yum with prawns + lamb's tongue.

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