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Thread: Best Canned Tuna

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    Best Canned Tuna

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    I finally substituted tuna in my BAS instead of chicken and it was amazing. I used Chicken of the Sea, which seemed pretty pure, besides vegetable broth containing soy. I was wondering if anyone knows of canned tuna that is just pura tuna and water, without any additives because this is going to become a staple of my diet. Thanks.

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    I have been eating Starkist yellowfin tuna which is packed in olive oil... Ingredients are tuna, and olive oil. I think they make one that's just packed in water.

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    Thanks. I was eating way to much chicken and replacing that with tuna in my salads will be a great way to give me that Omega 3 I was missing.

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    I get it at Trader Joe's for $1.49 a can and it either has tuna, water and salt, tuna, olive oil and salt, or just plain ol tuna and water.

    Love that place!
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    Unfortunately I don't have a Trader Joe's near me. I'm so jealous because I hear so much talk about the Primal options at that place.

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    I buy it in olive oil when I can. CotS is easiest to find.

    Our local Earth Fare stocks the same Bumblebee brand that the other stores sell. Not sure what they know that we don't.

    I get Bumblebee smoked salmon in foil packs too, and keep a bunch in my desk at work so I can avoid the snack machines.

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    This is no help since you don't have one nearby, but I buy Tongol packed in water from Trader Joe's. Mark recommends not making tuna a daily staple in your diet because of the mercury content and also talks about the mercury levels in different types of tuna here.

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    Good point about the mercury levels. I guess I'll look for some yellowfin tuna and try to eat in 3-4 days a week with my salad instead of daily. I was thinking of incorporating canned salmon into my salads but not sure how that would taste.

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    That Wild Planet stuff looks good but super expensive.

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