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Thread: Homemade deodorant question for the experienced...

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    The above post looks like spam to me, but I'll pitch in anyway. I just rub some baking soda right on my underarms after I shower. No other ingredients. Seems to work just fine and I only experience irritation once in a while, usually after shaving. Another thing I've done that works well is to mix baking soda and water with a little alcohol for preservative and a little essential oil for fragrance. With an old roll-on bottle, I squeeze the bottle, dunk it in the solution and let go, letting the bottle suck it in. There's always some waste, which is too bad, but it's convenient and works well.
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    I just use baking soda, works great for me.
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    My recipe is just coconut oil, baking soda (Bob's Red Mill, aluminum-free), and tea tree oil. Oh, and enough grapefruit oil to overpower the tea tree scent. I didn't even bother with cornstarch, so that might be the culprit. I found one recipe that uses arrowroot instead of cornstarch, that might be a good idea, but I was out of it at the time so I just left it out.

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    we just use straight coconut oil. I don't really use deodorant (and never have and never needed to), but DH was spending $17 per container of natural deodorant here. I told him to try straight coconut oil, and in a few days, no smell. He's loving using it! Simple, and seriously less expensive (we got 3 kgs for $34, which we use for body lotion, oil pulling/tooth brushing, hair conditioner, and deodorant now).

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    Milk of Magnesium.

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    I poured some into a an old spray bottle of minty foot spray and just spray some on in the morning.

    I live in FL and it works, unless I go a day without showering, and then I notice something funky on the end of day 2.

    Con: it's runny. I've been tinkering with rubbing some CO on the skin before spraying the MM to make it stick. But usually I just spray and then do my hair/teeth/etc. before I dress, and then wipe up any stray white spots.

    I should figure out how to make a paste with MM somehow, then it would be really perfect.

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    I agree with the others---just straight DRY baking soda. My hubby had an armpit rash for a few months when we switched over to this method (and no he doesnt shave them!) I think it was a bacteria die off reaction IMO. His pits looked red and flaky. But he kept with it and they are no longer an issue. Also, he used to perspire like CRAZY without any exertion (and he's lean) and his sweating has nearly stopped completely unless he's exercising! We are all believers of this method. A girlfriend of mine just converted to BS only and is amazed at the results!
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