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Thread: Nutrition/Primal analysis please?

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    Nutrition/Primal analysis please?

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    Hi all, I posted earlier about having some pretty stalled weight loss. I think it is due to the fruit and nut and dairy consumption. I posted about 5 days ago and since then have not chosen to take them out of my diet yet. sigh.....

    My typical day, goes like this:

    Coffee, 6 oz full fat yogurt (not greek style, i cant get it here in Italy), 1/2 apple, 20 hazelnuts

    lunch - salad or veggies (broccoli, fennel etc.) with protein, a 3 egg omelette sometimes with cheese, tuna fish, chicken etc.

    Dinner - again, cooked veggies ( non starchy) and a protien like hamburgers, chicken etc.

    My portions seem sbig to me, for example, last night I had 300 grams of salmon and 2 cups of asparagus all loaded with nice local butter. COuld the portion size be slowing weight loss too?

    If anyone thinks there are some things I could tweek that might help, much appreciated. I find that if I take one of the three out - nuts, dairy or fruit, i increase the amount of the other two that I eat......:0(


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    Not being funny but.. you already said you think the dairy, nuts and fruit are causing the stall yet haven't taken them out. I know it's hard but you just have to do it; cut them out completely for a week and see what happens. If cutting one makes you crave the other two, cut them ALL out at the same time and load up on protein and fat. Don't worry about portion sizes right now; one thing at a time. Once you get the cravings under control if you still think your portion are off, you can address it then. Good luck!

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    244 are right. I can do it for a week. So, I suppose I will start Tomorrow - saturday, since I have already had my nutty fruity milky breakfast and we have a big dinner tonight at a fancy restuarant...derailed again. Perhaps I can avoid any grains tonight though....

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    Many people find that high consumption of dairy, nuts, and fruit derails their weight loss. If the thought of cutting them all at once seems too daunting, try eliminating one, like dairy, and reducing the others to one serving a day.

    How long have you been stalled for?

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    Shift your 3 egg omelette to breakfast (cut out the yogurt, nuts and apple), fill the empty space at lunchtime with a different type of protein and see how you make out
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