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Thread: Running out of money

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    Running out of money

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    My wife and I have lost over 20 lbs each and feel great but we are now in a real bind because we are running out of money. For lunch I used to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a yogurt and a fruit cup. Then for dinner my wife and I would typically have some kind of pasta, easy mac or some other cheap high carb alternative. Usually nothing for breakfast. Now we eat much better primal food which tastes better, makes us feel better and we are still feeling even better every day but we are truly tapped out financially. I don't think intermittent fasting will be optional next week, it will be the result of not buying any food. There has to be a way to do this cheaper. First off what is the primal equivalent of the peanut butter and jelly? While PPJ can get rather boring after a while it costs pennies a day. My primal lunches cost quite a bit more.

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    Use the forum search box and type in "budget". There are quite a few threads with good ideas.
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    My grass fed beef supplier gives me the heart and liver for free. Well, only half a heart this month because someone from this forum started using him too.
    To the girl from Memramcook who I recommended the farmer to: You stole half my heart!
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    Eggs are ridiculously cheap, and you can make them into a bazillion things- including bread. (Google Oopsie rolls- though learned it can be done without the cream cheese and tartar.)

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    Strange, I barely spend anything on food anymore compared to what I did before. Then again, I'm not one that gets bored with food. I can buy 2 boston butts for under $25, toss them in the smoker for 1/2 a day and eat off them for the next few weeks. Combine that with under $5 for a flat of eggs and I'm golden.

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    Canned tuna - cheap and high protein.

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    tuna, eggs, frozen veggies, coconut milk, ghee, chipotle mayo-- it's all you need, LOL
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    Here's a really great post with some paleo budget ideas from the Prague Stepchild: Real Food On a Budget --Jonathan Vaudreuil in Boston | Prague Stepchild

    Personally, I've been able to cut our food budget for two from 140ish/wk to 80/wk just by writing out a menu!
    Shopping "inspirationally" got expensive for me so now I plan things out so I can stretch more than one meal out of a roast, for example.
    I also have a lot less waste (forgotten avocados make me sad)!
    Planning to have leftovers for lunch has been working out great!
    If I'm ever short (DH was extra hungry?) I can always grab a couple of boiled eggs for cheap eats!
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    I'd look at your big ticket items (meat, dairy) and see what you can adjust there, and also spend some time in the grocery store looking at unit prices for your fruits and veggies as compared to nutritional value/fill power. We all like the big primal salads, but a head of cauliflower costs a heck of a lot less than what I ate for lunch today.

    As far as the PB&J replacement goes, people have already mentioned that eggs are cheap. You should be able to make about 10 (a weeks supply for two) of my breakfast crustless quiche-things out of 12-16 eggs, an onion, a head of broccoli, 3-4 grated carrots, and optionally milk/cream & a small amount of shredded cheese for well under $10.

    It might be useful to provide some idea of how you are currently shopping and eating, as otherwise people are mostly limited to very general suggestions like buying food in bulk, or using more frozen foods.

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    100% Natural Whey Gold Standard by Optimum On sale now!-ProSource THis will save u money meal Replacement just have a serving of nuts with it. I try my best to eat regular food but i add 2 meal replacements into my 6 meals a day.

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