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Thread: Pop goes the hammy!

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    Pop goes the hammy!

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    A few weeks ago I was running sprints….100 yards down walking back, and I began to get a little pain in my hamstring. I took 2 weeks off, stretched a lot and decided to try running again. I ran 2 at half speed. Then next one at full speed, it felt great. The following full speed spring dropped me to the ground after a pop in my hamstring. Ruptured hamstring!!!! The whole back of my leg is filled with blood and I can’t sit with any weight on my leg. Here goes to a long slow recovery!

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    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Sounds sucky.
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    Dude. I had a pulled hamstring a few years ago (hip popped out of socket then back in again), and it took 1 1/2 years for me not to feel it burning in yoga again. You're going to need some serious patience, but be sure to keep moving any way you can: swimming, weights, walking on your hands, whatever. Maybe now's the time to become the world pull-up champion.
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    wow that sucks. good luck.

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    I'm no doctor, but (once the preliminary swelling goes down and the doc says so) make you you keep moving that leg. The pain and soreness are strong detergents, but the you gotta prevent it from getting even more tight and get those fluids flowing.

    Best of luck with the recovery.

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    I've done that...was the most painful thing i've ever experienced, including breaking my foot!
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