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    Aching legs after a day of walking?

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    This is probably obvious to those of you who have been active for years, but should 4 hours of moderately fast walking make my legs and feet hurt?
    I'm wearing minimalist footwear.
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    If you're walking a different pace, terrain, distance or with different footwear, you're probably using different muscles. I wouldn't worry unless you don't see any improvement.
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    Posture also matters. If you're out of alignment your center of gravity is off and muscles are working more than they should. Neuromuscular Therapy can help analyze your posture and correct it. That's what I do, that's how I know. It is a possible cause.

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    Probobly. Unless you're really conditioned for longer walks (regardless of footwear) you're going to feel it. Same goes for minimalist footwear. So I would imagine with the 2 put together on a 4 hour walk (I'm assuming all at once), I would guess most people would have some level of soreness.

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    I'm just getting back into shape (unless you count round) and have found myself sore when I walk for any extended period of time... seems normal to me.

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    Every spring when I ramp up the hiking mileage I'm sore for a bit.


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    Yes, four hours of walking is a lot. I normally walk 3-5 miles every day, which takes me about an 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Sometimes I can feel it after those walks, especially if hills are involved. 4 hours of walking for me would translate into around 15 miles. That's a lot of walking, so expect to be sore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Good View Post
    I'm wearing minimalist footwear.
    I think this is one of the biggest factors for you being more sore than you expected. Its pretty normal just make sure you do not over do it at first. If your new to minimalist shoes you need to let your feet/legs adjust to being used the way they evolved again. It takes time and initially your feet and calves might be more sore than you expect. I know I could feel the difference all they way up through my legs and glutes when I started using them as my primary footwear.
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    Primaldog says,

    Yes, you are going to hurt. This is because you are now walking differently ( I'm assuming that you are now in minimalist footwear vs. standard footwear. If this is true you are now walking on the balls of your feet and not the heels. Check out barefoot Ken Bob's website and follow his conditioning advice. I read it , didn't follow it, learned my lesson, then followed it. Did 9 1/2 miles within a year. You also need to do this for the beginning, walking phase. It doesn't just apply to marathon runners.

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    Four hours of walking will definitely hurt...atleast for a couple of days. If you are a regular walker then it will go away little by little.

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