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Thread: Workout before upon awakening. Empty stomach or quick snack?

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    Workout before upon awakening. Empty stomach or quick snack?

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    I've been working out upon awakening for over 100 days now on an empty stomach. Is this good or bad? What food choices do I have if I shouldn't be doing it this way?

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    It's by far the best way to work out. Don't sweat it.


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    If I work out first thing its usually in a fasted state. Seems to be ok.

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    I like to have a little caffeine before I work out, largely so I can drive to the gym without crashing, and I take some branched chain amino acids, probably more for the placebo effect than anything else. If this works for you and you have the energy to get through the workout, then do it fasted. If you have trouble completing the workout, try a small snack. Either way. It's all up to you.

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