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Thread: 40 by 40 - a primal experiment

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    40 by 40 - a primal experiment

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    This afternoon is 3.5 days without sugar, and minimal gluten. It's easy to have a mostly gluten-free day, and then someone else is serving me food or whatever, so one meal I have grains. Added all up I'm easily eating GF 2-3 days each week (my goal), but It's ending up to be a number of gluten free meals rather than days. Baby steps, I'm thinking, are still good. We got some lamb chops today and the store and my husband can't wait to grill them up for dinner. "Good!, cuz, I can't wait to EAT them!!"
    f/39, start date baby steps primal May 17, 2011
    start weight: 215, goal: lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday (end of Nov)

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    How's your weight? If you go hardcore primal, I promise you'll drop at least two pounds (if not more) by the end of the week. It's been five days for me, and I've already dropped three. Stay hardcore one week, no matter how hard, and your carb withdrawal symptoms should be nearly gone and you'll see fast changes in weight and appearance. YOU CAN DO IT
    Oh, and keep bacon on hand, but I think I already elaborated on the successes of bacon.

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