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Thread: post work out and glycogen does primal differ?

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    post work out and glycogen does primal differ?

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    if your not primal

    they always say post workout get carbs and protein asap in a 4:1 ratio

    so post workout for a primal athlete do carbs matter or should you still limit them ?

    is it best to be carb depleted(form a typical American diet) most of the day but only take in your carbs after a hard training session?

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    i consider myself very primal. i fell off the wagon a few times over the last year but i am now 100% primal. even when i fell i never really followed the traditional ratio of carbs post work out. i make a 20oz protein and healthly fat drink before i workout. i drink 1/2 on my way to the gym and 1/2 after i workout. there are 7 total grams of carbs in my drink so im taking in 3.5 bofore and 3.5 after. i still do this. i never had a problem gaining or building muscle. here are the ingredients in my shake
    isolate protein, natural almond butter, green tea powder, ground cinnamon

    i went primal in feb 2010
    37% body fat
    38-40 waist

    1 year to the day
    7.8% body fat
    29 waist

    7% body fat
    29 waist

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    Joe Friel ....Cycling coach who is a paleo advocate (or was anyway) seems to recommend carbs before,during and after

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    "so post workout for a primal athlete do carbs matter or should you still limit them ?"

    I eat the bulk of my carbs after training but probably still remain relatively "low carb" in overall diet. Sweet potato is my recovery food fav and just tastes so darn good with steak.

    As a cyclist(even before Primal) I was never one to eat much on the bike. Other than fluids I feel(and perform) better with an empty stomach. On longer efforts(ie; century rides) I may take in some fruit depending upon the intensity. I think it is really an individual gotta figure out what works for you.

    Before a higher intensity training ride or race I tend to eat a high(er) fat, lower carb meal three hours before the start. 30 minutes out I usually top up with some easily digested food....applesauce with some berries, coconut milk and, perhaps, mashed banana.


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    In my experience, the main reason to "carb up" to refill your glycogen stores PWO is if you have to do a workout of similar intensity later that day or the next day. I do it on multi-day mountaineering or backpacking trips (or when I went to CrossFit and it was super-leg-workout time and I was going ski mountaineering on Mt. Hood the next day).
    Main thing is to eat primal carbs, but not too much fruit (you want more glucose than fructose, it is much more readily converted to muscle glycogen). Bananas with almond butter are my go-to glycogen food
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