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Thread: Bulking Muscle with Cream?

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    Bulking Muscle with Cream?

    Hey guys,

    Wasnt sure exactly where to post this so I put it under nutrition but it could go into fitness aswell, here goes:

    Im new to the forums, but been Primal on and off for about a year, Ive finally decided to stick to it for more than 2 months now, and Ive found it soo much easier and more convenient actually.

    My diet has become 100% more varied, I eat all sorts of Wild fish, all sorts of meat, Lamb, Chicken, STEAK!, Pork/Bacon. I eat Fruit every day I never used to, and with every meal I try to have atleast some veggies, usually peppers, mushrooms, and others. Its awesome!

    Ive found my apetite is smaller now, Im not as hungry as before, and Im satisfied with less, Ive lost fat, my callorie intake is less than before I think but I maintained my weight and since I go to the gym once a week and lift Very Very heave (High-Intensity-Workout) I have gained muscle!

    Back to the Question in the Title.

    We have all heard of the GOMAD idea, where you drink a Galon of Milk a Day to build big muscles, drawback is you build a lot of fat too!

    I dont really want to drink a galon of milk a day, but I would like to bulk a bit faster for the next month.

    I was thinking, Cream seems to be somewhat approved in the Primal thing. And Double Creem has less half the carbs of milk, about 10x more fat, and half the protein.

    Doubel Cream 100ml:

    Calories: 459kcal
    Protein: 1.7g
    Carbs: 2.7g
    Fat: 49.0g

    Milk 100ml:

    Calories: 80kcal
    Protein: 3.7g
    Carbs: 4.7g
    Fat: 5.2g

    1 galon of milk provides 2560cals, that is equivilent to 500ml of double cream, a tub of double is about 500ml, its not too hard to consume over a day (200ml at a time, or with fruit, pretty easy), its cheaper, has less carbs and if you add a scoop of protein powder in there, it can shoot the protein consistency to 5x of milk, and can make an excelent milk/Cream shake.


    1 galon of milk:

    Calories: 2560kcal
    Protein: 140g
    Carbs: 117g
    Fat: 192g


    500ml Double Cream:

    Calories: 2295kcal
    Protein: 8.5g
    Carbs: 13.5g
    Fat: 245g

    The clear winner seems to be the fat! And add 1-2 extra scoop of protein powder into the mix of Double cream, and you get about 40-100g of protein.

    Im willing to try this, as its sticking to the low carb, high fat, high protein trend, but do you guys think this will this build more fat than muscle over a month?

    Its high in fat, (saturated) which is good for testosterone production (muscle growing hormone), very low in carb especially compared to the galon of milk.

    It is a lot of callories, and even in GOMAD (the milk one) it builds fat, and Im not sure this is all due to the carb content bu the extra calories...

    Any thaughts?
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