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Thread: Bulking Muscle with Cream?

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    If you really just want to bulk up, just eat a LOT. That's really what GOMAD is.

    Bulking usually means gaining lots of fat and muscle. It is extremely hard (if not impossible for many) to "bulk" up in a month without adding a large amount of fat as well. That's okay, you just need to remember to lose the fat later.

    When I was young and stupid, I bulked up easily. I just made sure I ate 4k-5k calories a day. I generally got 200-500 grams of protein and didn't care where the rest came from. It was stupid easy, I made gains for days. I ate pizza, Chinese food, ice cream...didn't matter. I was making crazy gains.

    Only problem is that it's stupid unhealthy and unsustainable, unless you want to die young. Slow and steady wins the raise. I highly recommend Leangains as a real world, long term, sustainable approach to gaining muscle.

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    A human being can only naturally put in a couple pounds of muscle per month. 2-3 pounds, something like that. Everything else will be fat. How YOU control how much fat you put on is dialing down the calories, but still being in a caloric surplus to be able to add muscle but lessen fat gains. You will gain fat, no matter what...all you can do is control how much.

    Milk vs cream is irrelevant. Don't do GOMAD. Maybe instead do HGOMAD (half gallon milk a day). Also- diversify your source of may be bad to get a huge bolus from one source. I'm a raw milk fan- buy that if you can.

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    Ice cream is better. No doubt.

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