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Thread: This is my chart. Recommend any changes?

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    This is my chart. Recommend any changes?

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    Fat- %57 - 141g (Saturated-%12-polyunsaturated-%19-monounsaturated-%23)
    Protein- %29 - 153g
    Carbs- %14 - 77g

    I'm 5'5 140 lbs. And I'm trying to gain 5 pounds of muscle. Thoughts? thanks!

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    PUFAs should be kept to 10%, preferably more like 4-6%. The distribution of the fats makes me think that you're proposing getting a lot of your fat from temperate vegetable sources, which is not ideal; prefer fat from ruminant animals (beef, lamb, bison), then lard, then fowl. Tropical fats (coconut, palm) are mostly saturated and come with the bonus of medium-chain fatty acids which may have health benefits of their own.

    Generally, eat plenty of real food: animals, roots and tubers, some green plant matter for supplemental micronutrition. Lift some weights (your own body will do) to make sure that the added mass will be muscle and not fat.

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