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Thread: Energy level when first going Primal

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    wait til after your races to do it. I was bonking & getting dropped on group rides for 2 wks when i first dropped grains and for my husband it was more like 4 wks. But i did a mtb race like 6 or 8 wks after i dropped the grains and lost 5 lbs, and i had an excellent race result considering i wasn't really "training" (no structure & just random high end efforts).

    i didn't drop grains gradually, it was cold turkey & i leaned really heavy on dried fruit & nuts in the first 4 wks but i hardly touch them now.

    you should def still take in some paleo-friendly carbs post workout (sweet potatoes).

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    I have to say that after a month I am so tired that I can't even train at all. I get light headed just by climbing the stairs. Just a note, I used to take part in 3 day 200mile cross country mountain bike races before (but I have always been overweight and never felt physically good). I decided to try primal and after a month I am ready to give up. No weight loss, no energy, low mood, poor concentration and memory, extremely irritable. I use sufficient fats to boost energy levels, but it does not seem to be working for me.

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    I'm not an athlete that engages in races or endures any kind of regimented training, but I do like to go for strenuous hikes on the weekend, and there's a mild bit of competition to hike fast and keep up as we power up 3000 feet of elevation.

    I found the transition to be fairly difficult. It was rough for the first month, with some general weakness. I really slowed down on my hikes. Then it got significantly worse when my body finally released all the excess water it had stored and I totally crashed with electrolyte deficiencies. It took me a week to recover and feel about how I felt the weeks prior to that crash and I felt that way for months. Basically I felt fine with decent endurance but a reduced capacity for speed.

    Slowly over the last few months I find myself feeling better and better until the last couple of weeks I have felt amazing. I felt so great this weekend I ran part of the way up the mountain. I had to wait for everyone at the summit. I haven't felt this good in a long long time. I haven't been first one up in a long time.

    It has taken me about 4 months to make this much adjustment. I am not as low carb as I was at first, but I do believe the low carb transition helped me immensely. I have metabolic flexibility, the ability to exercise hard all day with minimal food. That alone is worth the price of the struggle to adapt. The slight increase in carbs over the last couple of weeks has probably helped me regain my speed, as has the strength exercises I have been doing for the past month. The strength exercises I KNOW have helped because I can feel all the new muscles being engaged.

    Anyway, I hope my story gives you some insight to make a decision. If you choose not to go low carb, you can still choose to eat Primally. You'll probably have to consume a lot of rice, which is a fairly safe starch.
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