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    Spartacus Circuit workout

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    Designed for muscle strength, tone, and endurance
    If huge muscle mass gains are your goal, you can still implement this workout into your program, because it really is kick-ass (Iíve mentioned that twice now so Iím not joking). However, as Iíll outline below for you, it wonít be the mainstay of your regimen. It does challenge your cardio as it is a weighted-interval circuit.

    This is a 41 minute full body workout, including the rest periods
    Some exercises incorporate the weights, others are bodyweight only
    You will perform 3 rounds of 10 different exercises
    Each exercise is performed for 1 minute. You then rest for 15 seconds and move onto the next exercise. Rinse, lather and repeat. After a complete round of 10 exercises is finished, you earn a 2 minute break before repeating the round twice more
    You should not rest; if you canít finish an exercise for the full minute, rest as minimally as possible and keep going
    This is NOT an easy workout, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes as your strength and endurance increases

    These are the exercises youíll be doing:
    1. Goblet Squat (holding heavier dumb bell)
    2. Mountain Climbers
    3. Single Arm Dumb bell Swing (30 seconds each arm)
    4. T-Pushups (lighter dumb bells)
    5. Split Jumps (body weight only)
    6. Bentover Dumb bell Row (lighter dumb bells)
    7. Side Lunge with Touch (switch sides halfway through)
    8. Alternating Renegade Rows
    9. Forward Lunge and Twist
    10. Dumb bell Shoulder Press

    Has anyone tried and completed all three circuits? It's one hell of a workout.
    Can't get past the second circuit.

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    Done it a few times. If you really push yourself hard through the 10 exercises it's killer.
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    I do this 1x/week but I only go through it 2x... I'm not quite up to a minute for each exercise yet - I'm building up to it! but I love it!

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    I've done it before w/modifications to time/rest. It's a great workout to do once to every two weeks!

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    From a Men's Health mag, no? I did it for a while, it is a great workout. Very hard on the legs.

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