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Thread: T2Diabetes - when you hear someone has this on a bulletin board do you ...

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    T2Diabetes - when you hear someone has this on a bulletin board do you ...

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    Assume they are overweight? I can't help myself, but whenever I tell someone my husband is T2, I ALWAYS want to clarify that he is normal weight. Not only normal weight, but he follows a low-carb diet, works out, etc. I usually DON'T make this clarification, because I don't want to appear pathetic or overly defensive, but I always twitch because I assume that MOST people are assuming he is overweight, probably not taking very good care of himself. What do you think, a fair assumption? Or not?

    If this is too OT, my apologies ... please feel free, moderator, to move to the correct board.

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    Maybe people assume that because the majority of type 2 diabetics are overweight and generally unhealthy which is generally why they have diabetes in the first place. I think genetics plays a role in how the damaged metabolism presents itself i.e. overweight like most people or normal weight like your husband.

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    I mentioned to a former co-worker that my sil has diabetes and they literally went, "oooooo, sorry, is she really overweight?" :/

    She has Type 1, but regardless, INAPPROPRIATE, especially because you can have diabetes at any size.

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