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Thread: How Important Is Fiber?

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    How Important Is Fiber?

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    Haven't heard much talk about it and was just wondering how important fiber is in your diet. Obviously I don't eat grains, which are always advertised to be a great source of fiber. I rarely eat more than 10 grams of fiber in my diet, which I think comes mostly from vegetables.

    I don't have any digestive problems or anything. Is it that important?

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    There are lots of threads and articles about fiber; have you tried the Search facility for this? I would start there, and come back with questions. You might also look into Robb Wolf's blog and search for fiber. I remember seeing some discussion of gut bacteria and the importance of fiber.

    And yes fiber is important, but there are drawbacks, like the blocking of nutrient absorption, and you don't want too much.

    Here's an article by Mark.
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    And here's Melissa's 4th post in the series about how fiber, particularly the highly-fermentable kind is very beneficial, backed by much evidence. The Human Colon in Evolution: Part 4, The Secrets of Butyrate | Hunt.Gather.Love. Indeed the 150g thing was a bit erroneous. I don't think that we can use anthropology to figure out how much we want. Some is very beneficial, it certainly helps people lose weight, overcome insulin resistance and it improved my energy levels.

    Quality of fiber is probably most important as illustrated in the chart. Too much can interfere with vitamin d utilization, my arbitrary guess is 20g, a good chunk of it as good forms like sweet potato and inulin from chicory root, jicama and whatnot. I eat plain chicory root, many people won't want to do that! Yuck.
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    Quite often people suppose that what is actively promoted is actually overestimated. Still, food fiber is not of the kind, because it has a range of positive effects on the body. Acting directly, it helps to clean our intestines that can be clogged with poop stones and other residue. All this should be removed in order to avoid toxins. Indirectly, food fiber can regulate the amount of cholesterol and blood sugar, help one feel satiated for a longer time, preventing obesity and other problems that are connected to overeating. Finally, the enzymes that are produced in the process of digestion of soluble fibers are very useful for the health of our colons. You can find more information about the advantages of eating fiber-rich products here.

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