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Thread: a met-con workout of sorts that doesn't bother the knee

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    a met-con workout of sorts that doesn't bother the knee

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    basically, i do 3 days a week of barbell training. want to gain size/strength (though I'm struggling in the eating enough department, the gym part is going fine).

    16 months ago i hurt my MCL, and then retweaked it foolishly a few months after, so it didn't really heal right/fully and is still bothering me some all this time later...

    i'm slowly strengthening things in the gym while wearing a knee band for support, but, i've basically neglected any form of cardio out of laziness. which is bad because i get out of breath climbing my stairs every day, etc.

    i figure doing high impact things like any running at all is not a good idea still, with the knee bothering me.

    so i'd like some ideas on some sort of workout, can involve weights or can be just bodyweight, whatever, to help improve my conditioning without it being too . open to any suggestions or ideas...

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    Do some HIIT-cycling sessions. Even hard cycling workouts inflict less load on the knee than simple stair climbing.

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    Concept 2 sprints? And any high intensity bodyweight met cons will be fine as long as you watch the impact.

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