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Thread: Coconut water...good for you or useless carbs?

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    Coconut water...good for you or useless carbs?

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    I keep hearing how coconut water is good for you, yet when I looked at the label it usually has 15g of carbs or more even if it is just pure coconut water. Is it like fruit? In moderation only? Or do the healthy aspects outweigh the carbs?

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    I reserve it for during or after a prolonged training session or playing a sport for a significant length of time. Think of it, and use it as, a sports drink.
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    it's not just sugar water, there are some nutrients in there. but yes, it's like a lower carb fruit juice so drink it wisely.

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    It is the liquid inside a raw coconut, and while the carb content is high, is is nutritious, though some people get a laxative reaction. My granddaughters love it, and carry in their lunch boxes, instead of water, a couple days a week.
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    coconut water is HELLA good for you! i repeat HELLA good for you! Coconut water can certainly be part of a healthy diet, and if you like the taste, then drink up, high potassium and low sodium helps promote weight loss

    found this online ;

    boost your immune system
    fight viruses
    boost poor circulation
    aids digestion by removing toxins
    boost thyroid health
    keep body at proper temperature
    carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
    help break up kidney stones

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    I love coconut water, and juice. Like some of you've mentioned, it's really good as a hydration tool. I recently used a package of one for a cross fit workout, and was readily hydrated in a matter of minutes.

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    C2O is my favorite. I hardly ever drink it. Drank a can of it after a week of hot yoga, though, to re-hydrate.

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    LOVE IT, but also have doubts about being good for you regularly. I like those who suggested after/during high intensity workouts. I will try this.

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    C2O rocks, and so does AMY+Brian

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    I'm bringing this thread back because it's getting HOT and I have found (the hard way) that hydrating with plain water isn't always enough.

    Coconut water tastes amazing and is really great for replacing electrolytes. I usually have one 11oz container in my cooler at work, and I found it helps tremendously. On a typical day, I walk between 10 and 15 miles. At least one of my routes is 20 miles, and I live in the desert, so it's going to be around 110F for the next 2 or 3 months. I hydrate with lots of plain water as welll, but coconut water is definitely a lifesaver.

    I can't say I'd drink it like regular water. It isn't something you can drink by the gallon, but I do think it's important in replacing electrolytes when you've been sweating a lot.

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