What do you consider to be the best sport? I think we have discussed favorites, but this time it's different. I want to hear people's criteria for what makes their sport the best.

For me, I like a sport that is challenging in the most ways possible. I want to be able to say that the star from this sport could absolutely kick ass. First of all, fighting sports are out. That's not a sport to me. Individual sports are out too. Other than events like the decathlon, they are just too one dimensional. Football is a game of athletes. I absolutely love football, but until the very, very highest levels (and even still then), the best athlete wins. I love baseball, but when the best player on your team can hit 40 HRs and be 2 hot dogs from a heart attack, I realize it's not a test of athleticism. Basketball is fun as well. It's the game I grew up playing in the streets, but it is even more athleticism-based than football. I used to think hockey was the ultimate sport. Unfortunately, I never played much growing up in an area without snow (then again, maybe fortunately...). I just realized today the awesomeness of lacrosse. My high school was just getting a team when I was a senior, but I never had a chance because it was JV to start out. I did a little research, and sure enough, it was created by natives of North America possibly as much as 1500 years ago. Games were held with 100s to 1000s of people and they played for days on end to celebrate their creator. I'm captivated by this sport.