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Thread: Primals - anyone with hypoglycemia?

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    Primals - anyone with hypoglycemia?

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    Does the Primal diet help hypoglycemia?

    My mom has never been diagnosed with diabetes or anything, but she does easily get shakiness, nervousness, light-headedness if she doesn't eat regularly - which sound to me like the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

    I don't know much about it - but can cutting out grains/sugars/processed foods help with hypoglycemia?

    Any info would be helpful, thanks.

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    ABSOLUTELY! Changing to a paleo diet will knock out your hypoglycemia 100%. I have had hypoglycemia most of my teen/adult years but since changing over it's completely gone. The only time I've had the shakes is when I was off the diet for a day or so during a conference where I had access to no other food other than carbs. It was horrible and I couldn't wait to get back home and start earing paleo again. If diabetes runs in your family, hypoglycemia can often be the first warning sign. I'd recommend eating paelo ASAP.

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    Reactive hypoglycemia -- definite yes. Doc would not test me for it, but when I described the symptoms he said it was likely (and that it was probably linked to my hypothyroidism/PCOS).

    I haven't had a shakes/food induced headache in months. I no longer fear skipping meals. It's awesomesauce.

    After being told for YEARS that the only thing I could hope to do to "fix" this was to eat more carbs with fiber and/or smaller meals more frequently, it's pretty freaking awesome to find out that I didn't need to do either. :P

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    Way back in uni I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and the doc's recommendation was to eat more protein (he then suggested peanut butter crackers, but hey!). 10 years later I am finally following the prescription and I feel sooo much better! I routinely go like 18 hours without eating, doing a workout in there as well, and don't feel like I'm going to kill someone. Before PB, if I went more than about 3 hours without getting something in my belly, it was not pretty. And now I can start to see those mood crashes in my SO, who eats like a pound of sugar before noon (but rocks 8 pack abs, damn him).

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    I totally agree. It helps so much. During my teenage years (cereal years), I was among the ones getting hungry (but not that weak, though) every 90mns or so.
    I was so much used to sugar in my system that when last year I switched to Paleo, it took me quite a long time before being able to think straight, at least in the morning.

    Right now - I can feel I just got used to sugar again, I'm not on Paleo - have to get back to France for that. Then I'll be able to say how I feel after going Paleo second time.
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    Yes - suffered from it as long as I could remember, even as a kid. Shaky, grumpy, headache, ringing in ears if I didn't eat, and complete crashes after carby/sugary stuff.

    Gone on Primal.

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    Yep, Primal fixed my wife's reactive hypoglycaemia. Previous to that she had tried fixing it with even bigger bowls of porridge at breakfast. Seemed logical at the time...

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    Yes, and it was totally fixed by going low carb paleo. I even took a job working at lunchtimes! Sadly I've had to up my carbs for an unrelated reason, but yes, it did work very well for me in that respect.
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    Yes, hypoglycemia is caused by rapidly fluxuating blood sugar levels. As carbs make your blood sugar rise rapidly it also falls rapidly. Primal slows that down do you don't have to eat constantly. I used to have to have a protein bar or something else to eat with me at all times. Now I'll take something if I know I'll be out all day, because I have multiple food sensitivities so I can't just grab something if I'm hungry. But it's just hunger now, not the sweats, shaking, dizziness and irritability.

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    Strict paleo for 1 1/2 year and still have am hypo!

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    Hi all, I may be a little late to this post but wanted to see if anyone could help me. I've been pretty strict paleo (95 percent of the time). I also just eat sweet potatos when I'm going to bike for over 2 hours. Also, I eat very little fruit, especially the past few months. However, I can not seem to get my blood sugar up in the mornings. I am very lethargic during morning workouts and feel like I need more food, even though I'm not hungry at all. I was up queesy too every day for years now. Also, I should note I eat plenty. I'm 5,4 118 lbs and eat about 2000-2300 calories a day, sometime more on long workout days. My breakfast consists of half a bag of spinach (6 oz), 1 tbls flax oil, 1 tbls flax seed, lemon juice, and chicken sausage from trader joes. Pretty soon after I feel like my blood sugar is really starting to drop more so I'll eat roasted brussel sprouts or okra with 1-2 tbls olive oil. Just ate that and it's 9:30 in the am and still my blood sugar feels low. What else can I do besides eat more or add some carbs, which I really dont want to do? Oh and last bit and sorry for the long post, but on days when I would give in to brown rice bread or sweet potatos, it doesn't really help so I'm at a loss. Thank you so much for reading and any possible advice!
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