We all got back from the family road trip last night, and were pretty wiped out. Thank god my DH doesn't have a sweet tooth, or we would have visited the doughnut store one block away from our rental more than once! Even though I was not as careful with what I ate while we were on vacation, just in the back of my mind I was more moderate than usual on things, as the lingering feelings of last week's mostly clean eating were easy to recall. Once I've been off the wagon for a long time that is not the case for me. My son had a carb-fest while we were gone, so for lunch today I was like: "you're having MEAT!"

Today I've been eating grain free and sugar free, and I'm feeling good. I went to wash some lettuce from a friend's garden for my lunch, and a wasp was squirming around in there. HELLO! My next weigh in will probably be later on this week. Right now I'm working on 2-3 days per week eating no gluten at all, and no sugar at all each day, except a little fruit.