Heya primals, i've only gotten into the primal life for a bit over a month now altho it hasnt been full throttle, im a health nut and trying to fight off what i think is an irritated colon back from when i was doing a dozen diff. things to my body after finding out i had intolerances to lactose gluten and sugar! i may have overdone it and my colon just pretty much went fudge you jason lol my biggest symptoms seem to be bloating, sometimes not so uncomfortable othertimes i look pregnant(not pretty as im in shape and very lean) and sometimes i get pressure where my colon is othertimes it seems to be around my pancreas or liver..its so difficult to figure it out! does anyone have any tips for a weak digestive system when trying to go primal? remember my body is having problems with sugar so even veggies and fruits irritate me to a degree! and fat and protein are pretty rough to digest(apparently fat is the worst when your colon is irritated?) could really use some advice thx in advance!