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Thread: Feathers and Bones - Orannhawk's Journal

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    Feathers and Bones - Orannhawk's Journal

    I suppose the best way to start my first journal entry is to begin with the statement of 'coming full circle'. I grew up in a predominantly primal household, with 95% of our protein coming from wild game and fish. It's taken me years to develop a taste for beef. My earliest memories of steak dinners were that of total disgust and then reporting to my Papaw that 'they' (my parents) were starving me. Needless to say, he went straight into our house to demand answers, only to find my Mom cooking steaks. Once he quit laughing, he took me back to his house, where the two of us feasted on fried squirrel and hot-water cornbread and a big pot of thick black coffee, made even thicker with his heavy-handed addition of white sugar. He started me on coffee when I was still in grade school and at that time it was a great treat for me ... not so much for my parents, as their wild child on caffeine and sugar was a not exactly a treat !
    The entire family hunted so our freezers were full with venison, pig, quail, turkey, etc ... and it was commonplace for me to come home with a squirrel or two, or an armadillo during the non-deer season months. Our veggies were from our garden and my Mother seldom bought boxed or canned foods.

    It was rare that we bought hamburgers, and somehow that event most often coincided with the infrequent telecast of The Wizard of Oz. Interesting how my childhood angst with those damned flying monkeys and hamburger buns relate.
    I have vivid memories of my grandmother stacking slices of white bread on my plate at family dinners. To her, sliced white bread had no equal. I found it deplorable and carefully placed the bread in my lap, and when she wasn't looking, I snuck outside and fed the gummy slices to the chickens. (I still feel badly for those chickens, they didn't deserve that !)

    The SAD eventually made its way into my life and burgers, nachos, and beer became prevalent partners in the food chain that was choking the life out of me. I've always had an intense interest in healthy eating, but I often got side-tracked with whatever the current nutrition theories held (bizarre diets included). At one point when the unbearable stomach cramps and all too frequent races to the bathroom became too much to deal with, I stopped eating meat ... and became an overnight vegetarian. Within a few months, I was a vegan and for two months, I went totally raw. I was certain that I had developed an allergy to meat. The stomach problems did not end with the meat abstinence, it continued with a vengeance and at the time I had no clue why.
    And then there was the FACT that all I wanted was some fresh venison, or buffalo or even some chicken. I WANTED, I NEEDED MEAT ! Even during the couple of years that I was a vegg-head, I was still hunting. Strangely enough, my outspoken father never said anything to me about my avoiding meat, perhaps it was because I had not quit hunting, so I guess he figured there was hope there after all !

    It's been a year since I had extensive testing and had to give up all gluten and dairy, as well as a long listing of allergen reactive foods. Truthfully I don't miss the gluten, but cheese is another thing entirely. Prior to that I eliminated fast foods, sugar, all sodas, and almost all processed foods. I readily admit to still buying some canned foods, but it is limited to things like Hearts of Palm and Water Chestnuts that I love in a salad.
    I have developed a taste for beef (grass-fed), although I still contend that it tastes rather gamey and I do admit to calling my son from the grocery store to ask him about what the cut is. It's daunting to relate to meat that isn't cut in the way that I skin and process a deer. Inside tender, backstrap, hams ... that I understand !

    So most recently, I was attempting the 5-6 mini meals per day, including 2-3 egg white protein shakes, to reduce the body fat % and build more lean muscle. I'm at the gym 3 days a week for weights, alternating with HIIT style cardio on the other 3 days and one day off. The multi-meals were not working for me, even keeping the portions small, it was overwhelming. I was routinely adding in coconut oil or hemp hearts to the shakes, and that in itself was good, but then I didn't want to eat anything for quite a while.
    Two weeks ago I injured my foot, so while I waited for the swelling and bruising to subside enough that my chiro could work on it, I had several days when I had enough pain that eating multiple times throughout the day was just out of the question. And as bad as my foot felt, my stomach actually felt better with the few meals I did have. Nice meaty meals at that ! (Insert lightbulb here)
    I did miss 2 days at the gym and I did skip some parts of my LBW, calf raises were not a possibility even this week. Thankfully, no issues with the leg press, since the pressure wasn't on the toes. Cardio on my spinner was a bit strange, with one foot balanced on the frame and one in the pedal ... ah, but strange can make for a nice respite from monotony.
    Lunges and squats by next week, since all the bones are moving back into their proper alignment now with the adjustments. I'm in my second week of the increased weight on the leg press and feeling good about that, as well as slightly amused at the gasps from some of the older women in the gym, when they are sweating bullets over their 40 lb. push and I'm contently focused on my 370 lb. stack.
    Now to get the weights up on my UBW's !

    Today's meals have been simple, but primal and I realize now that I am coming full circle. Leftover roast chicken and avocado for breakfast, boiled eggs and bacon in romaine leaves for lunch, and yes Papaw, I'm having a steak and fresh asparagus for my dinner ... heehee, buffalo tomorrow !
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