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Thread: What Do You Think About Something Very Simple: Microwaved Parsnips?

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    What Do You Think About Something Very Simple: Microwaved Parsnips?

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    What do you think about microwaved parsnips. It's very simple. Peel parsnips with a potato peeler. Slice them. And microwave them on each side for 2-2.5 minutes.

    What happens is the sugar in parsnips becomes "caramelized" (is that the right term?) and you can taste the sweetness that otherwise you wouldn't taste if they were eaten raw, boiled or even fried. They'll shrink to about 1/3 of the original size. I used to fry them but it's too labor intensive and I don't wanna deplete my limited supply of fyable oil (bacon grease)!

    Since I have T2 diabetes, I checked my BG afterwards. Starting: 93 1h after: 113. 2h after: 89. Not too bad. Looks like the caramelization didn't ooze out the sugar unduly.

    One reason I'm doing this is I've found that with my "deranged" metabolism, I really can't handle starchier veggies -- such as yams, sweet potatoes, yuca, potatoes -- and "safe grains" like white rice or rice noodles. Another reason is because I'm trying to stay above ketosis. I've experienced that my colon becomes real dry when I am ketogenic and don't consume any starch, resulting in constipation. (Per Paul Jaminet's PHD, upon introducing "safe starches" like yams, I've found that I gain instant moisture in the mucosal layers of my colon). However, I'm trying to do this without jeopardizing my BG control.

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    Sounds interesting. I don't have (and don't want to have) a microwave, but boiled and mashed parsnips are surprisingly delicious as well. A good alternative for those who miss mashed potatoes. Mashed parships really look like potatoes on the plate, although they are fairly pale.

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    You don't really need to peel them. There are a lot of good nutrients in the peel. I just chop them into rounds, put them in a covered dish, and nuke. That way they steam and don't shrink. A bit of coconut oil and a dash of nutmeg really bring out the flavor too.

    Mix eggs with the leftovers the next day for some great (non) potato pancakes.

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    Parsnips can be tasty! I used to make chips out of them in a frypan. Not a fan of microwaves, though. Haven't used one since 1991.

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    Are you saying parsnips will relieve constipation?

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