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Thread: What did you eat yesterday?

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    What did you eat yesterday?

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    I am sure I can't be the only one sometimes struggling with meal ideas in the beginning. So I was hoping some of you more experienced (and maybe not so experienced) folks would be kind enough to share an idea of your typical meals? (Yesterday, the day before, whenever. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks etc.)
    Photos (aka food porn) always welcome
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    I had a cup of coffee with cream in the morning

    For lunch I had Copper River Salmon baked with garlic lemon butter and a salad with an olive oil, vinegar, and avocado dressing, and green beans with butter

    For dinner I had ground beef and cabbage (sauteed with spices) and cooked spinach with butter

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    Gah, I can't remember that far back, LOL! I do know I had a salad for lunch yesterday. Mixed baby greens with tomatoes, red peppers and a dressing made of guacamole mixed with balsamic and olive oil. Sooooooooo good. With that I had some leftover pot roast. I think it was the Italian pot roast recipe from the Primal Cookbook.

    Tonight we're having lamb stew. Sort of. Not really stew I guess. I sliced one onion and two carrots and put them in the crock pot. Put 2 lbs of lamb over them. Added 3/4 cup water. Sprinkled with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. I haven't eaten it yet but it smells divine. We'll have red and green cabbage sauted in bacon fat on the side (because we had some the other night and I didn't get enough and have been wanting more).

    For snacks I've been making meatballs. I don't have an exact recipe (yet) but it's two pounds of meat, two zucchinis, two eggs, an onion and a lot of garlic and various spices (that's the part I haven't written down yet - oops). I used the food processor to do the veggies. I used half beef and half lamb today and they were SO good I kept eating the damn things (I'm supposed to refrigerate them for snacks, lol!).

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    B- 3 eggs cooked in butter
    L- coconut/hemp/ kale smoothie
    Almond meal baked tortilla chips and avocado
    1/2 orange
    D- Will be roasted free- range with local veggies

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    Breakfast; smoked salmon with 2 boiled eggs

    Lunch; hamburger soup with primal crackers made out of almond flour (homemade of course)

    Dinner; Primal anchilada casserole

    Snacks; Handful of berries and almonds
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    I only eat two meals per day

    Breakfast ("late" breakfast, around noon)= 10 ounce of white sweet potato (mixed with butter), two fried eggs, 10 ounce of local grass-fed lamb blade chop, with two baked bacon strips.

    Lunch ("dinner" for others...)= Slow oven baked beef shorts ribs with steamed vegetables (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower) and apio (celeriac root), topped with butter/coconut oil.

    Snack: 2 cups of fresh organic strawberries.
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    I don't know what I had yesterday, but here's what I had today:

    Bkfst: 4 slices bacon, Rivvin's bread (almond meal, flax meal, one egg) and an over-easy egg on top
    Lunch (grabbed quick before running errands): a couple of pieces of deli turkey, hardboiled egg, handful of almonds
    Supper: BAS (mixed greens, shredded cabbage, avocado, yellow pepper) olive oil vinaigrette and half a can of sockeye salmon
    Dessert: 3/4 cup berries, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1 square dark chocolate
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    6am- cup of fennel & nettle tea
    9am- 2 omelet muffins (egg, spinach, onion, bit of bacon, baked in muffin tin)
    2pm-handful of almonds, handful of berries, some coconut chips sprinled over top
    5pm- a few almond crackers (almond meal, egg, olive oil, rosemary)
    8pm- 2 chicken breasts baked in olive oil with seasoning, a cup of mashed swede, and a glass of iced green-jasmine tea
    9pm- mug of licorice root tea

    with mint green tea and water throughout the day.

    (approx. 1550 cals, 103g fat, 99g protein, 65g carbs) <-- look who used fitday yesterday haha

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    Chopped chicken liver, made traditional Jewish recipe, on flax crackers; grilled gf all beef weiners; fiddlehead ferns and bacon. Primal peach ice cream.

    It's warm-hot weather now, so I make and drink a couple 2gt.pitchers of a variety tea daily.
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    so far i've drank a lot of tea and had 2 omelet muffins... work days = boring, regimented food days

    i cant wait for some days off to make some of the fantastic-sounding things people have posted lately.

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