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Thread: another question regarding dairy

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    Everyone is saying that dairy keeps them from losing weight as fast. I wonder why. If you say, eat low fat cottage cheese 1/4 of a cup, it is only 5 carbs. I would think it would be ok, if you just watch the amount of carbs. Am I right or wrong? Thanks.

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    I might have differing views from most people here, but there is nothing about dairy that is going to keep you from losing weight unless you are intaking more calories due to your intake of dairy.

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    Mark caps the amount of carbs you can eat for "Effortless Weight Management" at 150 g/day. An 8 ounce serving of whole milk contains 11 g of sugar, so I really wouldn't worry about stalling your weight loss unless something else in your diet is severely out of whack.

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    I have seen quite a few reports of dairy stalling weight loss. Don't ask me why it does, but it does.

    Try it and see if it makes a long term difference to yourself. I have seen that a few people have broken stalls by just dropping dairy and then haven't gone back to it (after noticing other health improvements).

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    I'm losing weight and still have dairy regularily, I just don't consume the quantity of milk that I used to and now I drink homo, cook with cream and butter, and eat some cheese. If I stall, it will be the first thing I drop.

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