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Thread: A couple barefoot/minimal footwear misgivings before I take the plunge

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    Wow, if I decide to give this a shot (and I probably will) the Unshoes look awesome (plus the Wushu shoes for the winter), thanks for the recommendation!

    "Flat feet are fine", interesting, I had to do a quick Googling on that one, and the "Military Studies" section of the Wikipedia "Flat Feet" entry supports that (standard Wikipedia disclaimers apply). I'll have to look into that more, but that's quite encouraging, thanks!

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    My jerk program director at school has been hating on the primal movement and barefoot movement (He's a physical therapist) and he doesn't know I'm primal. But he keeps saying "Maybe cavemen didn't wear shoes because they just weren't developed yet. That's why they didn't even live that long" The guy is a tool. I keep coming back to him with information about how much good No-Shoes can do, and he just blows me off.

    I bought a pair of Merrills as close to white as I could (We have to wear white in school) and he flipped. So I bought VFF Jaya's in all white... I think he had an aneurism when he saw them. Haters be hatin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowcooker View Post
    Flat feet are fine. We don't really need arches - they are a left over trait from earlier in our evolution when we used our feet to grab and climb trees.
    Exactly. And all that arch "supports" do in shoes is to keep you from developing your own foot muscles. I regularly walk urban half marathons and 10-15 mile trail hikes in my VFFs.

    A friend of mine (hugely overweight and very SAD) said that she would like to get some VFFs but that the only problem would be that there is no room for her orthodics in there. *headdesk*. The point is to use your foot muscles so you don't need orthodics anymore. But that would put a lot of podiatrists out of business

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