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Thread: Newbie Sugar Question - craving sweets

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    Newbie Sugar Question - craving sweets

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    Hey all -
    Former vegetarian who has been giving this a try for a week and w/ some interesting results. I'm only just beginning to wrap my head around this. The math, oh the math and percentage watching will be a hurdle for me!

    But to the real question; for someone who luvs the breads and grains, I haven't had too hard a time w/o them this 1st week. However, as someone who rarely craved sweets, nor do I like pop, I am suddenly urgently desiring candy & treats. Blech.

    Just curious if anyone else experienced(es) this - thanks.

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    For the first week or two I was doing this, I would chop up a couple of dried prunes or apricots (but only 1 or two!), a couple of squares of dark chocolate, and a very small handful of nuts, and eat this as my 'omg I need something sweet, salty, crunchy snack'.

    I've graduated from that to eating coconut 'crack'. I don't know which is worse
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