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Thread: Stinky breakfast

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    Stinky breakfast

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    This is what sounds good to me every morning - umami!

    Some potatoes (not a cheat, I choose to eat them)
    Mushrooms (not bland white ones)
    Bacon and/or sardines
    A stinky, aged cheese
    Some flavorful greens such as mustard
    Anything else I can think of that is pungent.
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    Then you would like breakfast at my place.

    Almost the same, bacon and/or sardines can be any meat or fish, the greens are whatever I pull that AM from my weed garden. I usually add one or more of black pepper, celery seed, fenugreek leaves or seeds as well.

    Accompanied by a liter of lemon water, a cup of ginseng tea, and once in awhile some strong almost chewable coffee.
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