I figured it was about time I posted since I've been lurking and following PB nutritionally since the end of January. I have been very happy with the weight loss which equals about a half a pound a week.

As you read more and more, your ideas of how 80/20 you are following the PB does change. I have begun eating many more vegetables and cooking some great meat-based meals besides. I did give up Diet Coke after my sponsor from work noticed me buying one from the machine. I also gave up sugar-free gum and anything fat-free and sugar free.

I mostly eat meat, vegetables and fruits with a tad dairy, dark chocolate and minimal alcohol. I have now begun to include small portions of potatoes, yams and rice in my regular eating but only a few times a week.

I, thankfully, did take a before picture. I have taken progress pictures also. Unfortunately I did not take any measurements and I only say that because I know my body composition has changed dramatically even with only a 13 lb. loss.

I feel great and notice that my core seems stronger even though I have not been following the exercises suggested. I have always picked up heavy things, have never sprinted but do keep moving most months of the year with winter being my downfall.

Since I feel I have made great progress and feel this sense of good muscle tone occurring naturally, I have made a commitment to begin following the exercise plan connected with this way of life.

Once I feel better about my image, I promise to post before and after pictures.

I am a 63 year old female.
I currently weight 132 lbs.
BMI in the healthy range now (24.81?) I think

Thanks to Mark and all the other posters.