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Thread: Hmm ... rash?

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    Hmm ... rash?

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    For some reason over the last two weeks or so I've been developing a sort of rash that comes and goes. Just today I had a area around my eye kind of swell up for about an hour or so and then go down. Then just now my belly area got really itchy and I look and it's all red as well. I'm really confused about this because I've never had this sort of thing before. It's bizarre because it comes and goes so quickly. I haven't really changed my diet either, been eating the same primal foods ... could it be allergies or something else? after all, it is spring now ...
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    Sounds like an allergy but if your diet is clean, it could be seasonal or related to something else environmental possibly: detergent, soap, household cleaners, etc.
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    Contact rash reaction? Maybe you touched something bad, and brushed your face and stomach?
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