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    Dont want to offend my friend...but...

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    Im bringing a bag full of veg to her house since I'll be staying with her for two nights and her house lacks anything grown from the ground or shot from the outdoors. Is this rude?

    I just want to stay focused and I know if I followed her typical carby diet I will end up feeling horrible. (plus she is a dedicated baker)

    I also need advice for staying strongly primal, I know she'll temp me with her sugary goodness (aka badness)


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    I don't think bringing food when you're a guest is rude. I see it as polite to bring some food to lessen the burden you're placing on her.

    Though if she's a vegetarian, she might not approve of you bringing over some tinned wild salmon.
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    I agree that it's not rude, especially if you can explain why (even if you say Doctor's orders). If I were in your friend's place, I wouldn't be offended. Maybe curious, and I may be tempted to partake in said veggies, but definitely wouldn't be offended, haha. If she does say something or acts offended, just try to explain to her why you are bringing them.

    As for staying strongly primal - I'm just beginning to take the primal plunge and I'm struggling with just the idea of facing carby goodness while following this lifestyle, so I'm afraid I won't be much help. I think the peer pressure might be worse than your own pressure - if you can find ways to politely turn down her offerings, you'll give yourself strength to pass it up. Hopefully she'll understand! Good luck!

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    I don't think it's rude at all. I imagine if she stayed at your house you would provide vegetarian options for her, yeah? Maybe you could bring some food that suits both your dietary needs so that you can share.

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    truly depends on how good the freind is. many of our relationships are based on things that we hold in common in a public manner. real freinds may have very little in common except the feelings they hold. I went to spend time with freinds this weekend and i did bring my own food, everything i ate i carried. They were intrigued but not of then asked me to comment on thier food. I declined :-)
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