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    Which is worse?

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    Wheat and grains? Or is sugar worse??

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    grains made me gain weight. sugar makes me weird

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    Wheat and grains. I can't eat a whole lot of sweet stuff. It was sort of a mechanism to make me stop. There was no off switch with bread/pizza/pasta.
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    For me it would have to be wheat. Wheat contributed to destroying my digestion for a couple years. I can eat rice with no problems. Sugar I can control and I never really had a sweet tooth. But wheat definitely takes the prize for me.
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    The research coming out about wheat consumption and arteriosclerosis and heart disease is concerning... I would say wheat since it's still labeled a "health" food, where common sense tells you too much sugar is bad.
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    sugar may not be the food you want to run to if you're trying to lose weight, but at least sugar comes in forms we can readily eat from the wild (fruit, honey, etc.). grains on the other hand require some sort of processing or preparation, generally contain gluten and more lectins, and you can just keep eating and eating it.

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    My first reaction was "why does it matter? they're both evil" But, yes, grains are crippling in the system while sugar can be metabolized.

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    I can eat candy and feel nothing from it, but bread has a noticeable inflammatory effect on me personally. So, grains.

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    Sugar doesn't give me GERD or bloating or make me farty!
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