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    My cholesterol question.

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    Ok, ive read griffs primer. It was an eye opener and i have read it a couple of times since. However, in regards to dietary cholesterol, i wasnt quite sure if there was an... For lak of less cw-esque terminology, primal RDI for the intake of cholesterol? The reason i ask is because today my diet tracker (myfitnesspal) told me i had 1529mg, 1229mg over its RDI. While i am aware that 300mg is a joke, it did get me thinking where the limit would lie. Perhaps another table of rdi's tailored to primal could be made up, u know (based on the average daily intake of an average grok-ite).

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    I don't think you want to go out of your way to consume but I know of no reason to worry about it either. I eat plenty of offal, which is about the richest source of cholesterol
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    Dietary cholesterol is good for you. Eat much.

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    I firmly believe that anyone providing such a number would be pulling it entirely out of their anus - not that such a number could never exist, but that nobody really knows what it ought to be.
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    Both Uffe raksnov and mary enig say cholesterol and saturated fat do not cause heart disease. Uffe says LDL is an antioxidant and when an infection is in the blood, the liver produces more LDL to help out fight the bacteria. He also says that in the majority of heart attack victims, they felt sick before the heart attack and autopsies reveal bacteria build up in the plaque. Apparently, the bacteria hides inside the plaque and builds up until it causes an event. LDLs trap the bacteria and carry it to the white blood cells where they oxidize the LDL. HDLs turn oxidized LDL back into normal HDL.
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