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Thread: 3 weeks and 5 lbs

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    3 weeks and 5 lbs

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    Been going hard Primal for 3 weeks and only lost about 4-5 lbs. I have about 35 lbs to lose. I know that's not a terribly slow rate but considering how I was eating before... Bags of chips during commute, cookies for breakfast 1 or 2 x week, liberal servings of rice and usually some dessert, I'm just surprised the weight is not flying off. I've considered that maybe I'm eating too many nuts, which is probably true, but still, it seems really slow. Does the pace pick-up after the first month?


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    whats slow? whats fast? whats, what who where when and why! thats awesome man! keep it up!

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    Cut out or cut down on the nuts and see if progress speeds up if that is what you like.

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    Give it some time. Also don't focus on the scale - take measurements. You might be gaining muscle even without working out due to your improved diet and muscle ways alot more than fat.

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    I'd be psyched with more muscle. I do see changes in my face and feel looser in the belt. Digestion has also sped up considerably. Intuitively it feels good. Just in the past when I've tried to lose weight it's been pretty fast (of course comes back even faster).
    But I committed to 30 days and hope to go strong this remaining week before allowing for a little indulgence after the 30. But plan on continuing. Even took a before picture - which I'll spare you!

    Thanks for the support!

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    I've been 'dieting' for 18 weeks (8 CW, 10 PB). I'm down 26 lbs (still another 15 or 20 to go). That averages out at 1.4 pounds per week which is about the pace you're on. It's a totally sustainable rate of weight loss, especially if you're satisfied with the food you're eating and you're not starving or having cravings.

    Are you doing any fitness activities? Have you put up a sample menu? How many nuts is too many?
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    Thanks. Well, I'm allergic to eggs. So I found a recipe on another paleo blog for a breakfast of just chopped walnuts, almonds and pecans with blueberries and coconut milk (I'm using almond milk b/c the coconut milk I bought was gross). I've been grabbing some handfuls of cashews in between meals (I know....I know....!). But I'm a big eater. Like I said, I could eat a family size bag of chips for lunch no problem. So I've been getting hungry and nuts are handy. But I don't know if that's slowing things down and I hate to villanize the one munchy I have left!

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    Have you thought of eating more at meals so you can give up snacking?

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    If you're hung up on having 'breakfast food' for breakfast try bacon or sausages. If it feels weird just having bacon for breakfast try topping it with a little cottage cheese. I've found the cold creaminess of the cheese is a fantastic counterpoint to the hot and salty of the bacon. It really helped me get my mind past eating a bowl of bacon for breakfast when I was just starting out (Now I'll just have the bacon no problem)

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    1.5 lb per week is a rapid rate of weight loss, if you are maintaining or building your muscle at the same time that's about as good as you should even want. More rapid fat loss seems to mess up people's metabolisms and make it easier to gain back. Sounds to me like you are doing awesome and just need patience. This is a life, not a diet plan, anyhow.
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